How can I order papers with

It's so simple! Just go to this link and provide all your personal and contact information as accurately as possible where you can be reached for order clarification purposes.

How do I upload additional files for the writer?

You are given a number of options to choose from if you feel the need to provide your writer with additional instructions and referencing materials. First, you can upload the files directly using your personal profile on our site. Then, you can contact anyone from our Support team on our Live Chat feature and transfer files. Next, you can email these additional instructions/materials by clicking here using the order number as the subject of the mail. And finally, you can send over the materials by fax with the order number written on the cover sheet to our Support representatives and let them attach these files for your writer to see. Click here for our contact details.

What if I do not have sources to give to my writer? Can the writer do all the necessary research?

Certainly! Our writers are trained to undertake research on every topic imaginable. Moreover, we provide our writers with access to online libraries that will help them greatly with their independent research. However, we encourage you to provide references, especially if your topic is very specific and if your tutor is very strict on which source materials should be used. This will also speed up your order's completion.

How do I track the progress of my order?

The status of your order is constantly updated on your personal profile depending on the progress of your writer. If you wish to know the precise stage at which your order is progressing, you can contact our Support team by using the numbers provided on our website, through Live Chat or use our messaging system to track how much your writer has done to date.

Can the writer provide me a draft of my order?

Yes. Please explicitly mention this request in the order description. You may also message your writer directly and ask for a draft, or you can make an arrangement with our Support representatives so that you would receive your draft as quickly as possible.

How much time is needed for the writer to complete my order?

How long it will be before your order is completed depends on the deadline you have specified. However, as our writers aren't superhuman, we encourage you to specify realistic deadlines for your orders. For example, if you need a highly technical essay that needs a huge amount of research, it's unreasonable for you to want it done over the course of 24 hours. If your order is pretty big, we encourage you to place it as early as possible so that the writer is given ample time to finish it. If we don't meet your deadline or the writer needs more time, we will work something out with you.

How can I access my completed paper?

Once your order is completed, you can download it directly from your personal profile, or you can ask for it to be sent via email.

Can I give additional instructions while the writer is working on my order?

To ensure top quality, we make room for additional instructions on an order especially if it's still in progress. By doing so, we can guarantee that you will get the paper you have paid for. However, you should make sure that the additional instructions aren't contrary to the original ones you sent.

How competent are your writers?

We only select the best writers to take on your orders. We make sure that the ones we hire have successfully passed our stringent online test and have been approved by our Quality Assurance Department that continually monitors their progress. All our writers have Masters or PhD-degrees, and are excellent in writing in their respective fields of expertise. By applying strict hiring requirements, we only end up with the very best academic writers.

How can I be sure that the writer assigned to my order specialises on the topic of my paper?

With our flawless hiring practices, you can be sure that no mediocre writer will work on any orders placed with us. Our highly competent writers have all the relevant academic qualifications in their respective fields and are adept in crafting seemingly difficult papers. We give them the freedom to choose the orders they are comfortable with working on, and our Quality Assurance Department approves which writer is best suited to your topic. This way, we ensure that the writer allocated to your order is the best one for the job.

How can I be sure that the writer completely understands my instructions?

We provide you with a number of ways to communicate with your writer to make sure they understand all your instructions:

After placing your order, you can communicate with our Support representatives to give further instructions for your writer to follow. Or, you can use our unique messaging system that allows you direct communication with the writer chosen for your order. This way, you can be sure that your writer understands completely what you want your paper to look like.

What services do you offer and what is your pricing policy? offers custom writing, editing, proofreading, and editing for students of all academic levels. Be it Bachelor's degrees, Masters or PhD-level papers and services, our writers are more than capable of delivering for you.

You can choose from a number of different urgency levels that our company offers:

  • 3 hours
  • 6 hours
  • 12 hours
  • 24 hours
  • 48 hours
  • 3 days
  • 4 days
  • 5 days
  • 7 days
  • 10 days

Also, you can choose the level of quality needed for your paper. Our Standard Quality level is the most basic on offer and is ideal for pre-Bachelors or for some Bachelors degree assignments that are simple and don't require too much skill. Our Premium Quality level is recommended for students studying their Bachelors or Masters Degree programs. Lastly, our Platinum Level is a must for those students pursuing specialized degrees such as MBA, Law, any science-intensive programs or for those doing PhD degrees.

Are you competent enough to help me with my academic papers?

Absolutely! We are in the business of providing academic papers of varying difficulty for students having a hard time meeting deadlines or for those with no time to write whatsoever. We know you are extremely busy, which is why we make sure that our services cover all that you need for your studies. Our writers have proven time and time again that they can deliver well-written papers in on any given subject and in any style. As the Testimonials section shows, there are many satisfied customers who have come to us for help.

Can I expect delivery on time?

We always live up to the promises we make to our customers. Our writers are trained to meet the deadline you want us to meet without letting the quality of the order slip. However, we require you to place reasonable deadlines and provide clear instructions so that the writer won't encounter any problems, and doing so will make the order arrive quicker.

Can you guarantee that the paper is not plagiarized?

We use the most sophisticated plagiarism-detecting software today to check orders if there's anything that's previously been published elsewhere. This way, we can ensure that the paper is 100% original and written from scratch. As a precautionary measure, any writer who has been caught plagiarizing is fired. We value academic integrity in our dealings and never put our customers in peril of failing because of academic dishonesty.

Can you guarantee that your service is of the highest quality?

It is hugely important that we provide you with papers that exceed your standards. All our writers have vast experience in crafting academic papers and have immense knowledge of their field of expertise. Writing exemplary academic papers is second nature to them, and they never let their clients down by delivering mediocre papers. Moreover, our Quality Assurance Department double checks all the papers before they are delivered to our customers, meaning you're guaranteed quality papers once the order is complete.

What if I need to have my paper revised?

We do our very best to make sure that you're happy with the paper you receive from us. Moreover, our Support representatives will be with you as long as it takes regarding to your order. If for some reason the writer gets your instructions wrong and submits a poor paper, you are free to request an unlimited number of revisions within 14 days after your paper is completed free of charge. All you have to do is click the Request Revision button in the Order page and give the writer your revision instructions. However, you need to make sure that they fall in line with your initial requirements and do not violate our Terms and Conditions. We value our customers and believe it is our duty to make sure that you are fully satisfied with the service.

How can I be sure of the privacy of your services?

We ensure the privacy of our customers at all times. Other companies might trade and sell your personal information and betray your trust, but at, we guarantee that all your personal information will never be disclosed. We will never send your information to third parties and promise that the information given to us stays with us only.

Is the transaction process highly secure?

We process highly sensitive data using secure transaction hardware courtesy of using 128-bit encryption. We only use the very best in security business processing. Our transaction process is authentic and insured up to $10,000 by the Comodo Group. Click the secure logo on the payment page to confirm your information.

Are discounts given to customers?

Definitely! We know that, as a student, money is tight, so we give discounts especially to our returning customers. You can check our Discount policy on our website and see if you are eligible for one. Also, you can contact our Support representatives and inquire directly about our Discount offers.

What benefits would I get by using your writing service?

We stand by quality and excellence at all times. Obviously, by choosing us, you instantly get access to the best essays written by the most qualified writers in their respective fields of study. They also submit papers within the deadline specified. Moreover, to ensure quality and ease of communication, we have developed a messaging system that allows you to directly talk to the writer working on your order.

Your paper is also double checked to meet academic standards by a team of dedicated editors to see if errors were left untouched in the paper and to ensure that it looks academic in style. Our Support team are also available 24/7 to assist you with your order's progress. By choosing us, you're also eligible for discounts on your order. These are just some of the benefits that offers.

What makes you different from other online writing companies?

We have produced essays for many students over the years and they always come back to us whenever they need help. This is because we really deliver on the promises we made of providing quality and excellently-written papers. We also offer great value, and never overcharge for any of your products. Feel free to compare our prices with those of our competitors for proof. We're not all about making money; we're in the business of helping you lessen your academic workload. When we say that we deliver the most perfect papers, we mean it.

What if I need a large order with a lot of pages in a short period of time? Why is this option disabled?

This option is disabled because it is virtually impossible to complete large, difficult orders in a short space of time. Our writers need ample time to look for sources, to analyse them and then write the actual paper. We suggest that if you are really in need of a dissertation at short notice, place orders for the different chapters separately so that various writers can work simultaneously on the paper. This way, you can get the dissertation as and when you need it.

Do you refund orders?

In some cases, you might not be totally satisfied with the paper received. If so, unlimited revisions are free within 15 days (30 days for dissertations and theses) after the order is completed. If after this you are still not satisfied and if proven that the writer is at fault for your order's poor quality, we will take responsibility for this and give you a refund. However, we have the highest percentage of satisfied clients in the industry, so you need not worry about having to claim for a refund.

Are you a legitimate company?

We are recognized as a legitimate company by the US government. Although we have many satellite offices, our main office is located in Delaware. Unlike other online writing companies, our processes are legitimate, which is why we have enjoyed years of successful business offering our services to students like you.

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